Stephanie Vandrick

Stephanie Vandrick yearbook photo

I am sorry I canít be at the reunion. But thank you, John and the others involved, for organizing the reunion and for setting up this website. I have been enjoying reading the stories of so many classmates on the website, but also so sad to hear of those who have died. I did know already about Sandy S.ís death, as we were friends in college and afterward; I still remember some of the great conversations we had.

I was born in Canada and grew up in India, where my parents worked, so I was only at Roosevelt for the last two years of high school, but I have good memories of my time there. Actually it was a little intimidating to change countries and schools in the middle of high school, but I found Roosevelt a welcoming place, and am grateful for that. I attended Michigan State for undergrad and grad school. I then moved to San Francisco to take a teaching position at the University of San Francisco, where I eventually got tenure and was promoted to full professor, and have been there ever since. Over the years, I have taught writing, English for Academic Purposes, literature, and Womenís Studies classes. I have published three academic books and many journal articles, mostly on identity issues, and am working on my fourth book now. I enjoy going to academic conferences in the U.S. and around the world.

I married my husband, who is originally from Iran, in 1979; he is a businessman. We have one daughter; she is a lawyer, married to another lawyer, both working in the legal sections of technology companies here in San Francisco. We feel so lucky that they live nearby. They are expecting their first child in December, so we will join the grandparentsí club, and are very excited about it!

I love living in San Francisco (actually in Mill Valley, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge). The Bay Area has been a good place for us, and I feel fortunate to live here. For many years after I moved here, we would go back to Michigan to visit my parents, and especially enjoyed spending time at their summer cottage on beautiful Elk Lake, near Traverse City. They eventually moved to California as well, as did two of my three brothers; only one still lives in Michigan. My father died in 2003; my mother is 90 years old and failing physically and mentally, which is hard, but she is still her loving and positive self. Besides family and work, a major interest is reading. I have always read a lot, mostly fiction; I have always found reading a pleasure and a comfort, through good times and not-so-good. (I have been fortunate to have mostly the former, but my share of the latter as well.) An enjoyable activity for me the past seven years has been writing an informal, small-scale blog about the books I read, and book-related topics (titled StephanieVandrickReads).

[Webmaster bonus: Here's a link to the Introduction from one of Stephanie's books: Interrogating Privilege: Reflections of a Second Language Educator. Upon seeing the link Stephanie replied, "I loved writing that book, because I was able to blend my personal and academic knowledge, experience, and opinions."]