Pat Powers

Pat Powers yearbook photo

Its so hard to believe its been 50 years since high school graduation and overnight weve become seniors before our time. I never could have imagined then what life had in store for my future. Overall, I am so grateful for both the ups as well as the downs which have served me well.

Photo of Pat Powers and his wife Sheila

Pat Powers and his wife, Sheila

I retired with United Airlines after a great career spanning 44 years. Working for United afforded our family of six many wonderful travel opportunities, both here and abroad. But what we really love most has been and continues to be hitting the open road in our RV with our family as our children were growing up and now with just the two of us (most of the time). No matter how many thousands of miles weve traveled, there are still uncharted territories waiting for us to explore.

Thanks to all involved for putting the 50th Reunion together and I hope you all have a great time.