Mike Kennedy (now Michael Kennedy)

Mike Kennedy yearbook photo

After our graduation, I made an attempt at being a student at EMU, which only lasted one year. Knowing the draft board would come calling soon I entered the army in '68. I completed the basic stuff, then went on to jump school in Georgia. Then moving on to Fort Bragg in North Carolina for Special Forces training. In late '69 I entered U.W.O. training at the Key West Naval Base, Florida. I departed the military in '71.

In '72 I moved to Colorado. I met a sweetheart named Mary. Mary and I moved deep into the Colorado Rockies, where I went to school on the G.I. bill. We both found jobs in a geothermal greenhouse. We parted in '78.

I moved to a nearby town and found a job with an engineering firm surveying. We surveyed on many projects dams, tunnels, roads and pipe lines. I did this work for about twelve years. During this time I met a lady named Treva who already had three children: Lonny, Donny and Cinnamon. We were together for many years while the kids grew up and moved away, and then so did she.

I moved to Denver and bounced around for a short time, until Don Ferrer said he wanted to start a respiratory care business. We came up with the finances and started Paramount Medical Services Inc. Don came up with the business plan and I pulled support. Don would find the clients and I would drive the delivery truck, deliver oxygen and fix equipment. Over nearly twenty years we had many trucks, employees and GREAT SUCCESS. I was able to retire early and did so. Thanks, Don, that worked out well!

I moved south to Pueblo, Colorado, to find warmer weather and less snow, also to be closer to the three girls who call me grandpa: Heather, Mikayla and Madison. Heather lived with me for many years while she attended college. Heather now has a one year old baby girl, Alice. I see them often. That's right, I am great again, Great Granddad. Mikayla lives in Denver and has two boys; Carter is six and Gabriel is two. Madison lives in Texas with her mom.

Great job, John J. Thanks for taking the time.

May the bright light of Venus shine on your life, too.
Your friend, Michael Kennedy.