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Photo of John E Johnson in telescopic goggles

My goal for this website is to provide a simple, central place to find information about the modest 50th Reunion I am attempting to organize (and for which I have none of the necessary organizational skills or experience).

Although I have a degree in computer engineering, I'm really a technology-shunning Luddite. So this website is very crude by modern standards.

I've rejected the commercial ad-packed class-reunion websites—I assume they sell your email addresses for spam purposes. I've always rejected Facebook because it steals people's time and requires them to decide who can be their friend.

It doesn't make sense to have hack-worthy personal identity information, such as email or full physical addresses on this website—I'll maintain that information offline.

There is a separate personal page on this site for each classmate, accessible by clicking their home-page photographs. I encourage you to submit whatever personal photographs, life status, and stories you would like to share.

If you cannot attend our gala Reunion, it is even more important for you to submit your story—we miss you and want to know all about you.

Send your story and photographs to me at the email address below (shown in script to reduce the ability of web-bots to send me spam). I'll put your story on your personal page. Of course, I'll be happy to make changes as often as you like. I've changed mine at least 20 times already!

write me here

Sadly, some of the personal pages will remain blank and others will contain obituaries.

* A webbastard is similar to a webmaster, but without significant web-programming skills or any web-designing skills. Essentially the same level of skill as required to serve as Roosevelt's Grapefruit editor.

John Johnson hiding under a chair

Photograph by Hal "Twin-Lens Reflex" Caswell from the 1967 Echo