Sue Ann Giles (now Sue Giles Sukach)

Sue Giles yearbook photo Sue Giles Sukach photo

Hello Roosevelt Class of 1967

I’m not able to attend our 50th High School reunion as I’ll be in Seattle Washington visiting one of our daughters, her husband, and three of our grandkids. Our Ann Arbor grandson is traveling to Seattle with me and our Houston granddaughter is flying up too—it will be a nice gathering.

Here is what Mickey & I have been up to:

Mickey and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2016. Between us we have 6 kids (4 boys & 2 girls, ages 44–51) and 11 grandkids (4 boys & 7 girls, ages 7–31). Our kids/grandkids live in Arizona, Washington, Texas, and Michigan.

We are avid campers and over the years have owned tents, a small trailer, pickup truck “slide in”, class C, class B, and class A RVs. We especially like to camp in the spring/fall, and during part of the winter months in Texas (where we have kids) and Florida (where we can visit Walt Disney World).

I’m not a Disney addict, but close. In addition to our winter trips to Disney, I’ve also flown down several times on my own when I needed a “fix.” Our house has a lot of Disney memorabilia, with Mickey Mouse being my favorite.

Mickey and I enjoy target shooting 2-3 times a week with our friends. I shoot mostly handguns and am pretty good at it. Mickey also shoots mostly handguns, but also is trying to talk me into trap shooting which he really likes. I crochet too—hats, scarves, ponchos, tote bags, baskets, pillows, etc.

For 15+ years, we owned Harley motorcycles. Before I got my own Harley we took several long trips: Sturgis SD motorcycle rally, Austin/Houston/Dallas—for my work and to visit our kids, and Hershey PA for a Harley rally. We also trailered Mickey’s motorcycle to Florida one year, then used the bike to get to/from Walt Disney World. Once I had my own Harley Sportster, we both rode to the rally in Milwaukee WI celebrating Harley-Davidson 90th anniversary—the parade we rode in was pretty cool. We would go on weekly dinner rides and I often would ride my bike to work.

Sue, Mickey and Zero photo

Sue, Mickey, and Zero

In 1985 we got our first Yorkshire Terrier, and basically fell in love with the breed. (Actually I fell in love with the breed before our senior trip. I went to NY early to take ballet lessons where my sister was studying. Our bus stop near the studio had a pet store with “Yorkies in the window.” I would leave extra early for class so I could visit the Yorkies. At the time, if I had $25 more dollars I would have figured a way to bring one home!) Mickey and I are on our 4th Yorkie now. “Zero” is 2-1/2 years old and weighs under 5 pounds. She is a great traveler, been to Seattle twice, Disney twice, and loves camping.

I retired in 2010, after almost 35 years at the same local computer software company. I really enjoyed working and all the people I worked with. I was a Senior Director, responsible for the company’s national and international customer support center. That job required just the right amount of travel to places like the UK, Austin, New Hampshire, Atlanta, Paris, Tokyo, Germany, Switzerland, and several trips to Orlando! Because of my job, in a 12-month period I was able to visit Disneyland, Walt Disney World, EuroDisney, and Tokyo Disneyland!!

Well that is all I got. BTW, Mickey & Zero say there is no question—I’m addicted to Disney. I look forward to reading what the rest of the class has posted on the web site and hopefully there will be some pictures posted after the event.

Sue (Giles) Sukach