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Hi everyone—Sally Foster here. I live in Encinitas California, just north of San Diego. I am happily retired from a career in education that spanned over 30 years. After college I moved to San Diego with my college boyfriend, who would later become my husband. We had two boys, now young men, one of whom lives with me and works in Carlsbad, CA and the other lives and works in Seattle WA. I attended California State University, Chico, where I earned a Masters in Psychology and Counseling. I began my career as a college counselor, but soon moved to teaching psychology courses at the local community college. After teaching for 23 years, I became the Dean of the San Elijo Campus of MiraCosta College, close to my home in Encinitas. I was a dean for eight years before retiring in 2012.

My husband and I divorced in 2005 and I have been dating a very nice man for the past four years. I met him at the airport while waiting for a plane to take me on my last business trip for the college. He was heading out to Prague, which is where I was headed the following week, after my retirement. We missed each other in Prague by one day, but we exchanged information and got in touch once we were both back in the States. We’ve been dating ever since and I hope to bring him to Michigan with me for the reunion.

My oldest son, Michael, earned his PhD in Immunology from the University of Washington in 2013. He currently is selling software to health insurance agencies, living at home with me, and cooking fabulous meals, which make it hard for me to diet successfully. My younger son, Gregory, attended the University of California, Santa Cruz where he earned a BS in Environmental Sciences. He currently lives in Seattle where he works for the city’s water department. When he’s back in Southern California he is quite the surfer and he also teaches yoga.

I enjoy gardening, bird watching, practicing yoga, and hosting parties. I travel to Arizona to visit my folks several times a year. They are currently 95 and 94, and are doing as well as one could hope for at that age. I also coordinate a lecture/foreign film series at the college where I used to work. We have a lecture or film every Friday, so that keeps me from getting too lazy. My boyfriend and I have taken several short trips. We like to visit Palm Desert in the winter, go to Northern California for wine tasting, and we have been to Portland OR and Seattle WA. I’ve only taken two international trips since retirement—one to Eastern Europe and the other to Cuba.

I look forward to seeing you all in July and catching up on each others’ lives.