Bonnie Fore (Now Bonnie Fore Newth)

Bonnie Fore yearbook photo

Bonnie Newth's family photo

Bonnie and Ron's Family

I have so enjoyed reading the biographies that have been sent in so far. Who would have known what we would have become or where we all would be 50 years ago!!!! As for me, I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been happily married to Ron Newth for over 42 years. We have a daughter, a son, daughter in law, and 2 year old twin grandchildren, Maggie and Robert. Both of our kids graduated from Wake Forest University with degrees from the business school. Ryan followed his dad into banking and Lisa has done both banking and teaching besides being heavily involved in a camp for children with diabetes. As for our grandchildren, they are exceptional of course. I melt when they say "I love you Grammy"! As you can tell, I am blessed and proud beyond words!

Bonnie and Ron Newth's grandbabies

Grammy's Twin Grandbabies

Back tracking now—
After Roosevelt I attended the University of Michigan. I graduated in 3 years (CRAZY, right?) with a major in Literature and a minor in Social Sciences. I left my intended pathway into law and decided to become a teacher instead. A decision I have never regretted. I taught for a little over 6 years in Michigan and took graduate classes as well. First grade was my calling as I always found it magical teaching children to read.

Jumping ahead to 1973, Sally L. set me up with a blind date (her future brother-in-law and a perfect match for me)! After dating for a year and a half Ron and I were married in December of 1974. Two years later our daughter was born and I became a full time stay-at-home mom. Our son was born three years later and we lived in Farmington.

Photo of Bonnie's daughters and a son-in-law

Daughter-in-law, Jessica, with hubby, Ryan, and his sister, Lisa

In 1983, my husband was going to graduate school and we had moved to Plymouth. When he completed his MBA degree he started interviewing in the south-east. Fortunately, he was offered a job at a small bank here in Charlotte. Little did we know that North Carolina National Bank would go through several name changes and it is now Bank of America. He has tried to retire twice but hasn't happened just yet. I am hopeful it may happen this year. We'll see!!!

Later on in the mid to later 80's when our children were in school full time I decided to re-enter the teaching world and was a substitute at their school. The next year I was offered a full time job and taught first grade for 7 years. When my mom became ill, I took time off and helped her. When our children were in high school and college, I returned to teaching once again. This time I taught at Charlotte Latin, a private school our children were attending. I taught first grade again but shortly switched to kindergarten and loved every minute of it. I was there about 6 years then resigned due to an impending move.

Photo of Ron and Bonnie

Ron and Bonnie

In 2006, Ron was asked to take a position in Boston. We relocated to Wellesley which turned out to be one of the most charming New England towns and is about 13 miles out of the city. We loved the five years we were there. I spent the entire time renovating a Dutch Colonial built in the 1920's. We had such fun having so much company we even happily referred to our home as the R&B B&B. Even my best teacher friends from Charlotte, "The Young and the Ageless" came for a visit. We also took advantage of our time there to travel extensively throughout the north-east and as far Prince Edward Island.

What a wonderful adventure and experience it was, but in 2011 we had the opportunity to relocate again. We decided to come back to Charlotte to be closer to our son and his family who live in Atlanta. Our daughter who had moved to Cambridge and Boston 2 years before we did, was coming back as well, so it was an easy decision. The hard part about leaving there was the fact that our nephew Chris (Sally's son) lived close by. It was great spending time with him, celebrating holidays and birthdays and sharing many special times.

Over the years we have been very fortunate to have traveled throughout the US and Canada as well as to many European countries and Japan. We were in Ireland about a year ago and actually found "The Village of Fore". It was such fun to see where ancestors had come from even though there are only 16 people that live there now!

I have been extremely blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends. It has been the center of my life and I am forever grateful to them all. How lucky I have been to have Sally Leighton in my life. To have her as a sister-in-law and a best friend for all of these years is truly amazing. We certainly know the meaning of true friends and family. We share a very special bond and both feel so fortunate to be part of the Newth family.

Besides Sally, I was able to keep in touch with Steve Maggio. Every few years, whenever we went back to Michigan to visit family we would drop by to visit Steve. He was always so welcoming. I am so happy we were able to stop by to see him the summer before he became ill. He was as usual his cheerful and extremely witty self. You could always tell how much he loved his family and his profession. I know I will miss him at the reunion, just like I have missed his beautiful Christmas cards. I am so glad I was able to attend his memorial along with Charlotte and Karen.

A few other bits of what I've been up to include designing and sewing quilts. I only wish I had more time to sew, as I love making something special for family and friends. I also have enjoyed running 5k's and actually have done 5 half marathons so far. On my bucket list is to do one more half marathon through the wine country in California. At this point it will be a fast walk!

I am so looking forward to seeing y'all this summer! Thanks so much John, Sally and Charlotte for putting this together!