Barbara Carter (now Barb Thorburn)

Barbara Carter yearbook photo

I married my husband Jim Thorburn in 1972. We lived in Ypsilanti for 40 some years. I taught with Ypsilanti Schools for 31 years. Jim worked several years longer than I, but when he retired in 2012 we sold our Ypsi home on Courtland and moved to Higgins Lake, Michigan. We now enjoy 7 months on Higgins, and this year we bought a winter home in Englewood FL for the 5 months of winter warmth and sun. In Florida my neighbor is Chris Lund. She moved into Englewood last February. We were renting at the time when we discovered each other. Jim and I liked the area so much that we decided to buy.

Looking forward so seeing everyone in July.

Barb Carter Thorburn