Sally Brooks (now Sally Frazier)

Sally Brooks yearbook photo

Wow, 50 years. Where did it go? After college, I went into the restaurant business, met my first husband and divorced after 9 years. I then met my 2nd husband on a trip to Texas to visit a friend. We married and had two children.

Photo of Sally Brooks and her family

I left the headache of the restaurant business behind and decided to raise my two children, only to start up a daycare for several years, but I got tired of cleaning house every day, so I decided to volunteer at my children's school, as they both were involved in drama, sports, band and scouts. I found myself at the sewing machine making costumes for their plays, as well as making tons of Halloween costumes (I love to sew), and chaperoning band and scout camps.

Photo of Sally Brooks and her family

I couldn't stay away from the schools, so I decided to work there part time, so I could still have summers off and have time for my volunteering, attending my children's college band concerts and marching band events, helping my kids move about a hundred times and traveling to Louisiana to see my husband's family.

I have good memories of the trip Barb Blasey and I took out west to the national parks and our ski trip to Vail, CO., a six week backpacking trip to Europe with some college friends and attending our family reunions that we have every three years at resorts in different states.

My husband is now retired from General Motors, and is trying to get me to retire. Maybe it's because he wants me to help him full time with car repairs (ours and the kids) and all the other house repairs, which our never ending. I think I would rather be working. Pumping up the car jack and taking off tires is pretty tough, but I guess it's good exercise and well worth it when you consider all the money you save.

I enjoy bird watching, biking, kayaking, hiking, gardening (even though I don't have a green thumb), going to Broadway musicals and spending time with my daughter (who is a customer service representative for a book company in Chelsea) and her boyfriend, and my son (who is a computer programmer in East Lansing) and his Russian girl friend.

Photo of Sally Brooks and her family on the beach

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Wish I could stay longer, but have a family reunion up at Mackinaw City.