Jody Anderson (now Jody Alexander)

Jody Anderson yearbook photo Photo of Jody Alexander and her brother Bob

The Life of Jody Anderson Alexander

50th High School reunion. WOW. Where did the time go? Graduated from Roosevelt in 1967 and thought anything was possible. Spent four years at Michigan State University, taught school for a year in Battle Creek, worked as a legal secretary, met my husband, George Alexander, a soon to be District Court Judge, spent four years at Wayne State Medical School with my brother Bob (same class) and returned to Ann Arbor to do my OB-GYN residency at St. Joe's.

Set up my private practice on Clark Rd, and delivered babies at the University and St Joe's until moved to Naples, Florida in 1999. Enjoyed teaching the residents at the University and won several teaching awards.

George finally became unhappy with being a (doctor's wife) and we divorced in 1992 after 18 years of marriage. I remarried another OB-GYN (Marvin Schrock) several years later which seemed to work better sharing work and play.

Marv and I managed to travel extensively with my parents. Cruising became our passion until they became too infirm to do the airports and packing. My mother thought it would be easy to establish a new medical practice in Naples, since she flatly refused to return to Ann Arbor. After several trying years of attempting to get a Florida license, we moved to Naples where Marv retired and I became President of the Woman's Health Foundation in addition to a busy solo practice.

My mother passed away in 2001; Marvin in 2007; and my father in 2011. I decided to retire 5 years ago after helping bring well over 8000 children into this world.

The current love of my life is a little white fluffy Bichon, Sugar, who shares my parents' remodeled home on a lake. I golf, mentor for Champions of Learning, and serve on the state board of Planned Parenthood. Never seems to be enough time in a day.

Photo of Jody Anderson's dog, Sugar

I have spent the last several summers in an old farmhouse on Michigan's Torch Lake, just south of Traverse City. It is amazing what you can do without and still have a great time.

My most outstanding memory of the last several years is the Michigan State Rose bowl trip of 2013 with my brother's family. A Michigan State fan knows this was a once in a lifetime event. 24-20 in favor of the Green and White.

That's all folks, Jody