Ypsi Roosevelt 1967

Photo of 6 RHS Friends

Charlotte invites RHS Classmates to Dinner, March 13, 2019

Karen, John, Betsy, Charlotte, Bob, and Jerry gathered at Janet Osborn's Ann Arbor home (thanks, Janet!). They enjoyed a great feast of salmon, asparagus and other treats while sharing stories of yesteryear. If you weren't there, yes, you can be sure we talked about you. Thanks to Charlotte for making this gathering happen and thanks to Jerry's wife, Alice, for her photographic expertise.


Thanks to everyone who came together in 2017 to create a splendid 3-day party!

Photos from Thursday, July 20, Pre-Launch at John Johnsonís house

Photos from Friday, July 21, Roosevelt Hall tour

Photos from Friday, July 21, Meet-and-Greet at Bona Sera Restaurant

Photos from Saturday, July 22, at Haab's Restaurant

Tu Fu poem read by Hal Caswell to his classmates on Saturday evening

Extremely lengthy reunion recap

Whether or not you came to the reunion, if you didn't send me a story (and photos) to share with your classmates, please do so. We really care.

A View of Roosevelt High School

Photo of Roosevelt First Graders


Sally Foster and Charlotte Osborn are working hard to find classmates in hiding and to persuade them to join us. The photo grid below shows which classmates have committed to attend, which classmates we've located but have yet to commit, which classmates we know cannot attend, and which classmates we cannot locate. Please help us if you know anyone without a red or green dot on their photo.

Of course, significant others and Roosevelt alumni from other classes are welcome to attend this seminal gathering. We ask that all attendees let us know in advance of your plans to join us. There will be plenty of room at the Friday Meet & Greet, but space is limited to 50 people at the Saturday evening dinner. More details will appear here as our plans become more concrete.


Photo of Dr. Suleiman Ashur

Dr. Suleiman Ashur, Director of EMU's School of Visual & Built Environments, whose office is in what is now called "Roosevelt Hall," has graciously offered to let us revisit our old haunts on Friday afternoon at 4 pm. We will be able to see what has become of our old school. John Johnson will be patting down all visitors, to prevent the importation of contraband cans of spray paint. That building will never forget us; additional reminders would not be appropriate. Ok, ok, certainly no one would even consider bringing spray paint; the pat-down will be optional. Thank you, Dr. Ashur, we promise we'll be good.


Here is the list of the things you can do on this website:

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The Famous Bust of Teddy Roosevelt

Make Teddy proud. Come to your Roosevelt Class Reunion!

Plea to send your story


Please tell me about any unfound classmates you know.
The white-dot mailings went to unconfirmed addresses.

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A Grid Showing RHS 1962-1967 Classmates Instructions to click on a photo

Mark Alexander 1963 Michael Alton Jody Anderson Paula Baker 1963 Terry Balazs Dorothy Betts Karen Blakemore Barbara Blasey Lee Ellen Brasseur Wayne Brendum Sally Brooks Linda Bussell 1964 Barbara Carter Hal Caswell Sue Cleeton Dan Clow Jerry Cooch Joella Culbertson Debbie Davis Judy Demmons Kenneth Edge 1962 Don Ferrer Bonnie Fore Sally Foster Sue Giles Don Goings 1966 Tom Gooding Sue Graubner Lou Ellyn Green Candice Harden 1964 Debbie Hille Tim Hornberger Cassie Jacobs 1964 Rudy Johanson John Johnson Roger Johnson Cheryl Kable Ken Kelley 1964 Mike Kennedy Ron Kline Peter Kuchnicki Sally Leighton Chris Lund Kate MacDonald Steve Maggio Ralph Meyer 1963 James Moore Dennis Mosso Marjolyn Neuwkeik 1963 Judy Northrup Mary Olson Mike Osadchuk Charlotte Osborn Bob Packer Sherri Partlow Jacque Patton Chris Postiff Pat Powers Milton Proper Gail Pugh Russell Rains David Rennie 1964 Thomas Rowbottom 1963 Vicki Schallhorn Nancy Seyfried 1966 Sandy Sharrock Donna Spriggs Gail Stiles Pat Street Karol Suggitt Glenn Suhd 1964 Julie Sundquist Betsy Tate John Thornton Mike Tillman Sharon Turner Stephanie Vandrick David Walline Buddy Weid Judy Weller 1964 Ken White 1963 Brian Wilde Mike Wusthoff Pat Wusthoff Default

Thanks to Tom Dusbiber, Class of '66, for these grade-school photos (click to embiggen)

The Class of 67 in 1960

The Class of 67 in 1961